Experimental festival




Art, or better call it ‘creativity’ is an expression free from establishments whatsoever. It rises above standards like politics, territories, cultures, religions, opinions, etc…. . Anyone, anywhere is free to enjoy expressions from wherever/whatsoever. Anyone claiming creativity based on territorial political cultural religious heritage, never understood what it is about. Those never understood why the world turns.

This is my last Shinafest. The reason is creative, not materialistic. Shinafest evolved in a routine execution and therefore forces me discovering new challenges.
Living can be a creative expression too.

Its up to others if the Shinafest routine will be continued, vanish or renewed.

This year Program:

Thursday 8 September:

– Exposition: Lena Muench “colored slivers” (D)
(All ‘Slivers’ for the first time in one place)
Pri Golitu, Mestni Trg, opening 19.00
– Screening: Derek Jarmans “in the shadow of the sun” (UK)
(Avant garde movie from the 80ties)
Pri Golitu, Mestni Trg, 20.30

Friday 9 September:

– Exposition: Lena Muench “colored slivers” (D)
Pri Golitu, Mestni Trg, 12.00 – 19.00
Dallas Kingston Kollektor (GLOBAL)
(eine Zigarette und ein letztes Glas im stehen)
Amigos kleti, Rozna, 20.00
Umdhlebi (SI)
(Noise is protest, not art)
Amigos kleti, Rozna, 21.00

– Shina Late Night – Jan
Busbar, Vodnikova, 23.00

Saturday 10 September:

– Exposition: Lena Muench “colored slivers” (D)
Pri Golitu, Mestni Trg, 12.00 – 19.00
Mateja Gorjup (SI)
(breadth of vocal expressions)
Pri Golitu, Mestni Trg , 20.00
Defibrillator (CH)
(improvised music and enthralling performance full of adventure)
Kino, Trg O Ahacija, 21.00

– Shina Late night – Jan
Busbar, Vodnikova, 23.00



In Stuttgart, go to the Nordbahnhof